5 Skills Marketers Need in 2024

Today’s marketing landscape is changing by the week and we are sharing the top five skills you need to move up the ladder whether in a corporate job, an agency or to build a solid consulting career.

Our guest is Jerry Bernhart one of the top 1% of recruiters in the US and founder of Bernhart Associates Executive Search.

The top five skills to establish yourself as a successful marketing leader are:

Adaptability– Business is fundamentally volatile, being able to change in the face of new challenges ensures you won’t be left behind. Marketing has so many moving pieces, the plan you formulate now could be perfect, but it may not be viable in a few years time. Plus, the ability to be brought on to an existing project and find your bearings quickly makes you an asset to any company.

Leadership– What is a leader without the ability to lead? Instilling confidence and motivation in those around you, making fair decisions, and creating a sense of belonging; these traits come easier to some than others, but they can be learned. Even when brought in as an outside contractor, you’ll likely be leading members of the client’s team, or your own. You need to those working above and below you to trust in your skill set and decision making.

Change Management– Marketing, by its very nature, is about change to the status quo. As a marketing leader, you need to facilitate and guide that change. Change is something people struggle with, making it desirable for others makes these changes go smoothly. This ties in closely with the previous point; getting those around you to see your vision and follow along. Doing so isn’t possible without being viewed as a leader, and by observing those who are successfully influencing those around them. This is not persuading, nor is it twisting anyone’s arm, it is making your methods and leadership appealing and inspiring.

Collaboration– It goes without saying that you’ll need to work well with others. You can’t do everything alone. This doesn’t mean being friends with everyone, but rather being able to effectively exchange information, delegate tasks, and take input. This also means working with those outside your organization/your client’s organization; being able to work with vendors, venues, other creative agencies.

Business Acumen– No business does marketing because it’s the fun thing to do. When hired to do marketing for a business, your purpose is to help that organization grow. While marketing may be your expertise, it’s only part of a larger operation. Knowing how those other parts work, and what their goals are, is instrumental to your survival.

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