How Much Should Marketing Cost? – The Dangerous Guessing Game

Today we’re going to talk about the most boring of all boring subjects – money! Specifically how to tie the marketing budget to the outcome – what we call “Marketing Return on Investment or MROI”. It’s the difference between marketing being a cost center or a profit center. We’ll be talking about different budgeting approaches and some key considerations to find that balance on The B2B Marketing Mindset.” Let’s start with the premise – there are a lot of ways to set a marketing budget – most of them are fancy guessing. We’ll talk about the six ways companies tend to budget for marketing

• Competitive Budgeting

• Same as Before

• Percentage of Sales

• What can be afforded at the moment

• Zero based budgeting

• Break Even Budgeting

Every week, The B2B Marketing Mindset podcast demystifies marketing, shares best practices and helps you avoid wasting money.

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