SELLING BY HELPING – Don’t Be A Sales-hole

This week we are hanging out with Kenny Lange, an organizational and leadership coach, to talk about sales. Specifically, how to avoid the trap of traditional selling where you cajole, plead, bully, convince, push and stalk prospects. Kenny says there is a better way

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The Future of Marketing: Inspired or Expired?

There is a lot of talk lately about the future of marketing – whether it’s A.I. or the ever changing algorithms of social media or whatever flavor of the week tech platform – we thought we’d go right to the source and talk to a young marketer to get the scoop.

On this week’s episode we talk to Julia – a recent college graduate about how her generation sees the industry.

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Performance Marketing – Here’s How It Works

Performance marketing is all the rage but why do clients and agencies end up hating it?

You hire a marketing agency or firm for results. You feel like you are paying for those results. So it makes sense to only pay if those results are delivered. Right?

Wrong, my poor, summer child. That’s not how it works.

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RFP’s are fine for buying paper clips and desks. But using them to hire expertise is a recipe for disaster for everyone involved in this outdated and exploitive process.

We’ll be discussing why our firms have a blanket policy on any RFP that comes across our desks – we file them in the circular file.

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Welcome A.I. Overlords

Today’s guest is Tim Hayden from Brain+Trust and he’s schooling us on the real A.I. you need to be worried about (and it’s not ChatGPT or anything on the market – yet.)

This is a wild subject that has massive implications for the world of business and even civilization.

Is SkyNet here? Will cockroaches win? Find out in this week’s B2B Marketing Mindset.

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