RFP’s are fine for buying paper clips and desks. But using them to hire expertise is a recipe for disaster for everyone involved in this outdated and exploitive process.

We’ll be discussing why our firms have a blanket policy on any RFP that comes across our desks – we file them in the circular file.

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Welcome A.I. Overlords

Today’s guest is Tim Hayden from Brain+Trust and he’s schooling us on the real A.I. you need to be worried about (and it’s not ChatGPT or anything on the market – yet.)

This is a wild subject that has massive implications for the world of business and even civilization.

Is SkyNet here? Will cockroaches win? Find out in this week’s B2B Marketing Mindset.

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How To Get More Referrals From Your Professional Network

Today’s special guest is Steve Harper, author, speaker, entrepreneur and networking master.

Steve is sharing his secrets and methods to drive more referrals and word of mouth for your business. We’ll talk about leveraging your professional network to build social capital and go from waiting for the phone to ring to deliberately driving opportunities.

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Two Silver Bullets For Growth

It blows my mind that so many companies don’t know these two fundamental operational pieces that virtually ensure growth – or they do know, but execute them terribly.

Bill and I talk about two Silver Bullets that make B2B companies grow. We’ll break each down so you understand how they work and share what we’ve learned from running our own B2B firms and working with hundreds of B2B clients to help them grow.

Get these two things right and you’ll see profitable growth.

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How to Get Free Press – We Bust The Myths

Today we are unlocking the mysteries of how publicity and PR work to help you score some sweet press.

Do you find yourself wondering “Why do my competitors get press coverage – why not us?” Join us with Master Marketer of the Week Lisa O’Neil and find out what’s up with that.

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5 Marketing Don’ts for 2024

This week we are giving the the five DON’Ts – there are probably a lot more than five but it’s a start. It’s 2024 – last week I talked about the five things you MUST do in 2024 to thrive in the post COVID market landscape where everything has changed – except how you do marketing. Since COVID the market for every product and service has changed dramatically.

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