Focus Group Nightmares – How, When, and Why to Use Focus Groups

Today we are talking about focus groups. What they are, why and how to use them. Stay tuned as we share focus groups gone wrong and much more.

What is a Focus Group?

Fundamentally, a focus group is a group interview. Get a bunch of people together, show/tell them what you need feedback on, and document their responses. A facilitator guides the interview, asking questions and keeping things on topic, while allowing participants to bounce ideas off each other. This is qualitative data, and provides insight in how people respond to your company or offering in a way that ratings and surveys cannot. It’s a direct avenue to the opinions and perceptions of prospects.

When do you use a Focus Group?

Testing ad/PR campaigns, new products, compare how you stack up to your competition in the eyes of customers, etc. Really, anytime you need to ask your prospects “what do you think of this?”. Keep in mind that your focus groups needs to consist people who match your target profile. Asking your family/friends will likely earn you unhelpful flattery, or otherwise useless information, you need people who don’t have any particular attachment to you or your offering.

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