Will A.I. Take Your Job? With Bill Leake

Today we take a critical look at the future of Artificial Intelligence in sales and marketing.

Our guest is Bill Leake with Apogee Results together with my co-host William Lowell.

A.I. tells us that the dangers of…uh…itself include:

1. Job Loss: There are concerns that AI will automate many marketing tasks, leading to job loss for human marketing professionals.

2. Data Privacy: AI systems rely on large amounts of data, and there are concerns about how companies will collect, store, and use this data, leading to potential data breaches and privacy violations.

3. Bias: There are concerns that AI systems may perpetuate or even amplify societal biases, leading to unfair targeting and discrimination.

4. Lack of Transparency: AI systems can make decisions and predictions that are difficult for humans to understand or explain, leading to a lack of transparency and trust. Dependence on technology: Companies may become too dependent on AI and automation, losing the human touch and creativity in their marketing efforts

5. Decrease in creativity and Innovation: AI can automate many routine tasks, but it can also stifle creativity and innovation as companies rely too heavily on technology to drive their marketing efforts.

6. Lack of regulation: The lack of regulation and oversight of AI systems can create a sense of uncertainty and unease among consumers and businesses.

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